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23rd-Dec-2008 03:32 pm - [single] Tim - Naran Saram

Artist× 팀 (Tim)
Single×나란 사람 (Naran Saram)

o1. 나란 사람(Original ver.)
o2. 나란 사람(Fractal Dub ver.) ♥
o3. 나란 사람(East4A Remix ver.)
o4. 나란 사람(Fractal Remix ver.)
o5. 나란 사람(inst.)


I'll be honest, I only grabbed this single because of the number of remixes on it and I was curious. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of Tim's voice - it doesn't have that over-dramatic quality that a lot of male ballad singers tend to have - and from a pharmacy major, no less haha. Anyway, a lot of ballads get botched by remixes and changes in tempo so the East4A and Fractal remixes rubbed me the wrong way after hearing the original. The Fractal Dub felt like the best revamp since it kept the same pace but breathed some new sound into it.
23rd-Dec-2008 02:58 pm - Koda Kumi wants you to stay with her

Artist× 倖田 來未 (Koda Kumi)
Single×stay with me
Genre×Pop, ballad

o1. stay with me [PV]
o2. Winter Bell
o3. stay with me (orgel version) ♥
o4. stay with me (instrumental)
o5. Winter Bell (instrumental)


Obligatory winter single from Koda Kumi. I can't really hype this this I'm not a huge Koda Kumi fan but I will say that I liked the orgel version of "stay with me." It sounds like something straight out of a music box - very pretty. "Winter Bell" also makes for an upbeat b-side if Koda's slow songs aren't your thing.
22nd-Dec-2008 06:02 pm - I've got Dima fever!

Artist× Дима Билан (Dima Bilan)
Album×Против правил (Against the Rules)
Language×Russian, English, Spanish
Genre×Pop, dance

1. Против правил
2. Как раньше ♥
3. Я твой номер один
4. Все в твоих руках
5. Тоска ♥
6. Горе-зима ♥ [PV]
7. Мир
8. Берега \ Небеса ♥
9. Космос ♥
10. Ртуть ♥
11. Believe ♥ [PV]
12. Secreto
13. Porque aún un te amo
14. Number One Fan [PV]

(transliterated song titles)

[DOWNLOAD] → Password: eurovision

Album is a .rar file, make sure to use WinRar, 7-zip, or a similar program to open it.

I followed the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time this year and discovered Russian pop star Dima Bilan (who won with his single "Believe"). He's had a strong hold on the Russian pop charts for the past couple of years and apparently sparked a mullet trend through his success (although I have to say mullets are wrong no matter who you are). Due to his immense popularity, Dima has plans for an English and Spanish version of Against the Rules planned for 2009 with Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic on board to collaborate.

If you like Rain, Justin Timberlake, Se7en, Big Bang, etc. then there's a good chance you'll like Dima Bilan. Against the Rules follows a similarly infectious pop/dance combination... but in Russian. There are a few ballad-esque songs like Мир ("World") and "Porque ún te Amo" that break the mold a little but for the most part his album is a oneman Euro-rave. I should note that there are 3 versions of "Believe" and two of "Number One Fan" so I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more new material. Overall, a solid pop hit.

P.S. To those of you wondering about his Spanish, it's average. Not bad, not perfect.

Friendly mod reminder - I hope you're all showing teddaybear some love for her uploads when you download! :]
16th-Dec-2008 03:22 am - This isn't your momma's bollywood OST

Artist× A R Rahman
Album×Slumdog Millionaire Original Soundtrack
Language×Hindi, English
Genre×Bollywood meets hip hop

o1. “O… Saya” Performed by A R Rahman & M.I.A.
o2. “Riots” by A R Rahman
o3. “Mausam & Escape” by A R Rahman
o4. “Paper Planes” Performed by M.I.A.
o5. “Paper Planes” DFA REMIX Performed by M.I.A. ♥
o6. “Ringa Ringa” by A R Rahman featuring Alka Yagnik & Ila Arun
o7. “Liquid Dance” by A R Rahman featuring Palakkad Sriram & Madhumitha ♥
o8. “Latika’s Theme” by A R Rahman featuring Suzanne
o9. “Aaj Ki Raat” Performed by Sonu Nigam, Mahalaxmi Lyer & Alisha Chinoi ♥
1o. “Millionaire” by A R Rahman featuring Madhumitha
11. “Gangsta Blues” by A R Rahman featuring BlaaZe & Tanvi Shah
12. “Dreams on Fire” by A R Rahman featuring Suzzanne
13. “Jai Ho” by A R Rahman featuring Sukhvinder Singh, Tanvi Shah & Mahalaxmi Iyer ♥

[DOWNLOAD] → Password: jimmy

Track 3 is missing since I didn't notice it didn't transfer into my iTunes but here it is:

There is a LOT of hype over this movie and it's expected to be a heavyweight at the Oscars. I haven't seen it yet but the soundtrack alone is making me want to watch it. There is a lot to love here, starting with "O... Saya." I got over M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" song over a year ago and I was waiting for something fresh from her - "Swagga Like Us" with T.I. was not it. This track with A R Rahman, however, brings the heat pretty quickly and sets the tone for the rest of the soundtrack. I don't want to spoil too much. Just grab this one already.

P.S. Just a little warning that I tag my OST tracks a little differently so be prepared haha. Okay. Time to sleep.
16th-Dec-2008 02:36 am - 1 SONG

2AM MORNING BONUS: Lily Allen - Womanizer
I know I know I know, if you listen to the radio or watch any sort of popular music video show you're probably suffering from the Britmas overkill. But I had to post this because the blogosphere is exploding once again over Lily Allen's cover - and with good reason. Instead of the heavy dance original, Lily went for a dark piano/acoustic guitar instrumental that works perfectly with the sarcasm coming across in her voice. If you're still in denial at how catchy the original by Britney Spears was, no worries - you can like this version instead.

The version floating around has some guy's Stereogum drop on it but I cut it out for your listening convenience.

Just a reminder, we can still use a few more uploaders at un_myung if you'd like to contribute! Read this post for more info.

Artist× Basshunter
Album×Now You're Gone
Genre×Eurodance, techno

o1. Now You're Gone (feat. DJ Mental Theo's Bazzheadz)
o2. All I Ever Wanted
o3. Please Don't Go
o4. I Miss You
o5. Angel in the Night
o6. In Her Eyes
o7. Love You More
o8. Camilla ♥
o9. Dream Girl
1o. I Can Walk on Water
11. Bass Creator
12. Russia Privjet
13. Boten Anna
14. DotA ♥
15. Now You're Gone (Fonzerelli Edit) ♥
16. All I Ever Wanted (Fonzerelli Edit) ♥

[DOWNLOAD] → Password: botenanna

Basshunter is actually a Swedish artist with two albums under his belt but this marks his first English album. In fact, the first two tracks are English versions of his two biggest hits two years back - Boten Anna and DotA. They were big songs in the dance circuit for a while, and I know they're still Stepmania favorites. The whole album is straightforward, I think techno speaks for itself really. It's a sort of hit or miss genre - you hate it or love it. I should point out that the new lyrics for Boten Anna and DotA don't retain the geeky net culture lyrics (they reference IRC and Warcraft) that sparked their cult following - check it out on Wikipedia if you're curious.

Artist× Colin Munroe
Album×Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero
Genre×Pop Rock, Hip Hop

o1. The Unsung Hero feat. Everybody ♥
o2. Piano Lessons feat. Joell Ortiz
o3. Will I Stay REMIX feat. Wale & Dallas Austin
o4. One More Chance feat. Mickey Factz ♥
o5. As Much As You feat. Blaqstarr
o6. Fever REMIX
o7. Cannonball feat. Drake
o8. Who Killed Davey Moore (Bob Dylan REVOX)
o9. Last Cause
1o. Brick in the Wall feat. Skyzoo ♥
11. To Find A Hero feat. Novel
12. Break Off feat. Saukrates & Black Milk ♥
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday
14. What The Young Man Says feat. Izza Kizza & MIMS

[DOWNLOAD] → Password: lights

Colin Munroe made a splash in the blogosphere early this year when he flipped Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" and turned it into an anthem for struggling artists, complete with a video that trumped all of Kanye's. He finally released a mixtape this month with the help of producer Dallas Austin and a slew of other artists supporting him on vocals. There's a theme of underdog lyrics here (obviously, considering the mixtape title) and the balance between indie rock and hip hop beats brings everything together into a light but catchy sound. Think of Andre 3000's "Hey Ya" and/or Blaise Plant of Majik Monkey.

Bonus: Colin Munroe - I Want Those Flashing Lights (Kanye West Remix)
Long time no see... haha my random periodic posts. :3 Only one song today~ Enjoy :)

宇多田ヒカル utada hikaru - eternally (drama mix)
preview; innocent love opening

This song is originally from her album "Distance," but she re-sang it as the opening for the drama Innocent Love, which I recently started watching. I played this song on repeat many, many times, haha. I have the original song too, if anyone wants.

sendspace. 11mb (one song)
9th-Dec-2008 03:55 pm - 1 ALBUM
Seo Taiji fan rollcall! This post is more than a month late but who cares, right? I should stress that this is an unofficial release and titojwonnie deserves much worshipping for her incredible ripping and refining talents.

Seo Taiji doesn't really need an introduction, but for all of the newcomers he's one of the forefathers of mainstream rock in Korea. His comeback this year was a big. freaking. deal. and hyped to be the spark needed to reverse Korea's ailing music industry. All fangirling aside, this collaboration with the Philharmonic Orchestra revisits several classic Taiji songs and blends them into something dramatically new. Taiji's new bandmates have also done their part tweaking the original sounds to match the orchestra.

Veteran fans will fall in love with their favorite songs AGAIN and should be satisfied until Taiji releases his next album. New listeners should definitely sample around - Seo Taiji is just one of those names (like Utada Hikaru, Epik High, or Jay Chou) in the industry that you absolutely have to listen to.

P.S. If you want to watch the full performance, bethelg has them up on Youtube.

Artist× 서태지 (Seo Taiji)
Album×The Great Seo Taiji Symphony with Tolga Kashif & the Royal Philharmonic
Genre×Hard rock, classical rock, awesomeness

o1. Introduction -Take One-
o2. Take One
o3. Take Two
o4. Internet War
o5. Moai
o6. 죽음의 늪 (Swamp of Death) ♥
o7. Prelude -T'ik T'ak- ♥
o8. T'ik T'ak
o9. Heffy End ♥
1o. 시대 유감 (Regret of the Times)
11. 옝원 (Eternity)
12. 교실 이데아 (Classroom Idea) ♥
13. Come Back Home ♥
14. Interlude -Through the Eyes of Children-
15. 난 알아요 (I Know) ♥
16. Bonus Track ♥

[DOWNLOAD] → Password: ultraman
8th-Dec-2008 08:18 pm - Important stuff in here


In light of wad's departure, I think it's worth evaluating the current state of affairs at un_myung. I have been conspicuously absent for several months now, mostly due to college life and a recent lack of interest in Asian music. dreamwaltz has also been on a similar hiatus, but this may change with winter vacation coming up. That being said, two important questions come to mind:

1.) Would you like to contribute?
I've been out of the Asian music scene for the better part of a year and we clearly need more active posters. Contributors would gain unmoderated posting access to the community. If you think you can post new music regularly, tag your posts accordingly, and keep your posts organized, leave a comment (all comments screened).

2.) Does anyone mind if I post non-Asian music?
I deleted the majority of my music on accident while moving some files around on my computer. Yea, I know. Fail. I've been slowly rebuilding my library but without a lot of the Asian music I had before. I still have a soft spot for this community and this would be my way of sharing besides being a resident mod and whatnot. I've been wrestling with this idea because the majority of members signed up specifically for Asian music, but there was also a pretty good response to the one Amy Winehouse post I made way back when. SO! Leave me a comment, yay! or nay D:

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